Creating Key Signatures

• Aug 28, 2010 - 15:43

I would like to see two features:
1) some sort of shortcut key sequence to create signatures (e.g., select the measure and press shift-option-B for B major...I don't know...)
2) On the key signatures pallette (for those of us who are not professional musician), I’d like to see a way to create the signature by name (e.g. F) or at least have the names of the major keys associated with each key signature next to the pictures of the sharps and flats so if I want, for instance, F major, I can easily see that F major is on flat. (OK, so I’m not that bright, and I could just learn the various key signatures, but I’m lazy.)


2/ The key sig "name" is indicated in a tooltip if you over a given key signature in the palette. It's also a good way to learn them I guess :)

It might be nice to include a copy of the circle of fifths somewhere for easy viewing for those of us who don't have it memorised. And really... who does always remember it?

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In my opinion, if you actually wish to be proficient in music, the cycle, being, among other things, an analysis of certain harmonic relationships, is only a very small part of what you need to understand. Memorization is an elementary tool for the road to understanding.


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Ehh, that's a difference in philosophy on whether you need to have something memorised to understand it. I actually found it easiest to understand when told through the perspective of a guitarist, but I never did memorise it. I can construct it on the rare occasions that I don't have it pulled up.

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I didn't say you had to memorize something to understand it. I'm talking about a standard way to treat traditional harmony, among other things. To manipulate abstract concepts beyond a preliminary level, many times, requires understanding (memorization) of fundamental constructs.


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