Unexpected Tempo Changes.

• Mar 11, 2009 - 08:05

I've attached a file in which I've tried to enter a tempo change in measures 25 (ritard), 26 (a tempo), and 37 (ritard e dim). I entered these by clicking the first note for which I want the new tempo to apply, then selecting Create/Text/Tempo. Then right-clicking the result and changing the beats per min, then clicking again to change the text, then dragging it into the staffs where it should be. The good news is that the tempo changes seem to work; bad news is that the work in the wrong measures, 15, 16, and 27 respectively.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a reason why tempo changes take effect exactly 10 measures prior to when they are supposed to? And is there a way to override this?
9.5 prerelease rev. 1598 on Windows XP

On a completely different subject, every time I save a file, it seems to create two files: one with the extension ".mscz", and another with the extension ".mscz,". The difference being the comma is included. Is that normal?

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The tempo issue is a known bug (see wrong tempo at repeats ). If you disable playback of repeats then the tempo markings work as expected.

The second file you mention is a backup file that contains the previously save version of your score. It is a handy file to keep around in case in case of accidents. I've not used a backup MuseScore file yet but the backup files that Finale creates have save me several times.

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