"CTRL+Z" / "Undo" to get a time signature back makes KEY signature ineffective

• Mar 6, 2015 - 10:45

Please click on the image to enlarge.

Steps to reproduce the bug.
1. Do a score like this.
2. Delete the last 2/4 time signature.
3. Delete the 4/4 time signature.
4. Hit "CTRL + Z" to have the 4/4 time signature back.
5. Change the layout.
6. Notice the key signature bug in measure 5.

As a workaround you can replace the key signature in measure 4 with the same key signature so to force the program to re-do things right.
However, there are situations (that I'm not currently able to reproduce) when this just doesn't work, and you first have to do some time signatures fixing. If of any help, I think it has something to do with:
* having the current meter different from the nominal one;
* having two equal time signatures one after another.

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