Lyrics grouping

• Mar 6, 2015 - 19:50

Not sure which category I should choose, probably V2 enhancem to bring the Lyricsent.

I'm setting out a lot of songs for 4-part Male Voce choir. Obviously lyrics are involved. I've just done a song where the words are sung by the baritone voice which is vioce 1 on the lower stave (I'm setting them basically as Piano with the 2 tenors in the Treble (Octave) Clef and the Baritone/Bass voices in the bass clef.

1. When I add Lyrics to the baritone Voice, the words are placed underneath the bass clef and really I need them between the staves, simply because that's what everyone is used to having.
So enhancement request (ER) 1, allow me to specify where the lyrics are placed: above or below the stave.

2. I then tried to use the inspector to re-position my Lyrics. I highlighted the Lyrics (4 verses), went into Inspector to set a negative off-set to get my Lyrics placed between the two staves. Problem, when a group of lyrics is selected, Inspector shows "Element Group" and the only options set colour and visible/invisible. I had to move Lyrics line by line so....
ER 2 Allow both horizontal and vertical offsets to be set for groups of items.

Still think Muse Score is brilliant and the choir members are really impressed that they have music they can actually read---- you should see some of the rubbish I've been dealing with.


Please ignore my ER 2. I've worked out what I've done wrong.
The Lyrics for the last phrase of the music are the same for each verse, so I only entered them once. Thus the first part of the line has lyrics for 4verses attached and the second part of the line only has one. If I put a "dummy" space on each of the missing lines of lyrics, making a consistent 4 lines across the whole line of music, then when I select the lyrics, I now get the ability to set a vertical offset.

I'll say it again.....Brilliant.

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