Trill Marking Printing Wrong to PDF

• Oct 15, 2008 - 10:51

Hi again,
I'm not sure if this will be your problem or the PDF creator program you use.
I have two trill markings on a piece. It prints out OK from Musescore but if I save to PDF then the two trill markings seem to be cut off at the front and back so I only get the middle part of the "r" in the PDF.
I have saved to PDF through another PDF creator program (PDF re-Direct v2 - this is a free program; it also lets you join up PDFs into a paged document - really handy for making a book) and it converts to PDF perfectly, including the trill marking.


Thanks for your bug report. Could you upload a musescore file with the trill markings + the resulting pdf file to a reply comment? (See the File attachements section from the comment form)

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Hi Admin,
If this is any help - I just looked at the piece I sent you in MuseScore file, and another one. When I open up MuseScore file in MuseScore the markings look OK at 100% size. But when I use the magnifier at the top of the page (go to 400%) the same effect as the PDF occurs - chopped off bits of the marking - but this time it is in MuseScore.
I just looked at some of your DEMO pieces and when I magnify them it does it as well - not just me.

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