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• Nov 17, 2010 - 13:33

Hi @ Musescore

The main problems I'm encountering are/is being able to import from my Logic program. So here are a few questions :

1) I know I can import using a .midi file. But can I edit that file once it's imported, if so how?
2) Why won't Musescore import an .XML file from Logic. Does it have to converted into another format?
3) If you add a part - let's say a guitar part - can you add to that score from your Logic program. i.e. - now I'd like to add the bass part. Or do you have to do everything/create your score at once (in the first place).
4) I tried uploading a piano part from a .midi file. It only showed itself (with all voices) in the treble clef. Can manually add the bass clef to this same piano part, and if so will the voices automatically add themselves - to the right clef?

Sorry it's a lot of questions, but I thought to ask as many as possible to see what this Musescore can really do, and will it work for me. I'm new to this program and looking for a way to skirt around having to buy the likes of Finale or Sibelius.

Thanks in advance.


1/ You should be able to open and edit a midi file in MuseScore. Unfortunatly, a midi file does not contain a lot of information about music notation. To sum up, it just contains "now a C begin and will last 1 second" type of information. No measure, no quarter notes etc... The prefered way to exchange music notation is MusicXML. See next point.

2/ MuseScore can import MusicXML file. I don't know which kind of XML logic produces but it's not MusicXML apparently since it's not in the list on musicXML website.

3/ I don't understand this question. What do you mean?

4/ You can try to split the staff at a given pitch by right clicking the staff -> Split staff. The midi file does not contain information about staves, hands or key. If you can create a midi file with two tracks, one for the treble and one for the bass clefs it might help MuseScore to import the midi file.

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Hi Lasconic

Firstly, thanks for your answers, I'm going to check that out. Unfortunately as you say XML and musicXML are two different things, which means I'm going to have to convert the logic standard XML into the other version, silly really but that's the way it is. The day that someone decides to create a program that is compatible with all other programs!
Anyhow :
Question #3. Do you have to import all your tracks in one go or can you add tracks to a score that's already written in Musescore? I hope that's clearer.

Thanks again, I'll test the other things and get back to you.

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MuseScore can't add a midi track to an existing score.
You create a guitar part in Logic, export to midi, open with MuseScore (FIle 1)
Then you create a bass part in Logic, export Midi, open with MuseScore in another file (File 2)
In the first MuseScore file, you can add a bass instrument (Create -> Instruments), copy paste the content of the second MuseScore file.

Again, MIDI is very far from music notation, and you might save you a lot of time and trouble by entering the notation in MuseScore directly.

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Currently, the best way to get from Logic to MuseScore is:

1) Print the score from Logic to a PDF file
2) Use PDFtoMusic Pro to convert the PDF file to a MusicXML file
3) Open the MusicXML file in MuseScore.

PDFtoMusic Pro is available with a free trial and for purchase from:

Please do let Apple know that you would like to see Logic support MusicXML in a future version. The more demand they hear from customers, the more likely they are to add it.

Best regards,

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