Remembering play panel volume

• Apr 27, 2015 - 14:46

Again, only old threads found. Can MuseScore 2 remember the last session's volume (play panel), or at least start with a customized value ? I couldn't find how.



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Of course, my intuition is only mine, but to me a "synth" window is for setting / adjusting the sounds, not the volumes. My first move was to find a "Playback" section. I found a Play Panel with a volume adjustment setting, but no way to save it. Then I thought maybe a mixer section, and indeed there's one, again with the volume slider, but not the tempo one this time, but then with other settings, and still no way to save anything. It would never have occured to me to open something called "Synth".

I find those 3 windows and their contents a bit confusing...

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The synthesizer is for all global sound changes - loading sound fonts, settings global effects, setting the master tuning, setting the master volume.

The play panel is just for scommands that are occasionally useful when doing advanced playback things like trying to loop selections for practice purposes. It would not be used at all by most people. The controls here always affect the current score only, so putting a master volume here would be extremely counterintuitive. to anyone who understands that basic distinction.

The mixer also is for controls specific to the current score.

When in doubt, read the documentation :-)

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