Hardcopy top margin on even pages nonfunctioning

• Apr 27, 2015 - 15:18

https://musescore.com/user/1831606/scores/811691 (and most other large-depth scores I have). Print two-sided on a real hardcopy printer. On even pages, the top line of the top staff goes to the top of the page, no margin. To PDF, this does not happen. This has happened with several laser printers on several networks, and does not happen to other applications. The margin settings and even the page previews in the "Layout" dialog seem correct.


I see the page size is set to A4. Is that the actual paper size you are using? Also, what OS?

You say this doesn't happen with PDF - is with File / Export to PDF, or File / Print using some sort of PDF pseudo-printer? I just tried the latter (using whatever PDF driver is installed on my Ubuntu machine) and it worked fine. I don't have direct access to a printer to test further.

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I use File / Export to PDF, and it works correctly, i.e., the problem does not occur. It does not fail, either with the PDF option in the Mac's print dialog for MuseScore. It only fails when printing directly to a printer, and it fails reliably every time for moderately tall scores.

I'm using Mac Yosemite. Let me try messing with the paper size, but it doesn't seem to bother odd pages.

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