No way to insert a dot for a dotted note on Mac Keyboard (French keyboard lay-out)

• Apr 30, 2015 - 16:24

Can someone tell me how to introduce a doted note from the Mac keyboard?
I tried all kind of modifier keys together with the dot key to produce dotted note, nothing works, excepted when I click on the icon on the toolbar.

Perhaps the problem is related to the fact that the French keyboard displays a comma there where the English keyboard displays a dot, in order to display a dot I have to use Caps together with the dot-comma key or use Caps with the comma key on the numeric pad.

If there is no solution to this problem, is there a workaround possible by means of assigning the dot value to another key or key combination? How to do that?

Many thanks in advance and also a big THANKS! to the programmers of Musescore 2!
References: Macbook pro with an extended keyboard, Yosemite 10.10.3, Musescore 2


Maybe try this...
Use menu item: Edit / Preferences, then on the Shortcuts tab you can remap the 'Note duration: Augmentation dot' to a different (unused) key on the computer keyboard.


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