Receive basic OSC messages (tempo, position, play/pause) from MuseScore

• May 6, 2015 - 21:55

If would be possible to receive tempo, start position (measure number from which playing starts), play and pause messages through OSC from MuseScore, then it would be possible to sync MuseScore with another applications, for example with Logic. Those messages can be redirected to appropriate MIDI messages if external app don't support OSC, so theoretically it gives a possibility to sync MuseScore with almost any application.
It also will be great if it would be possible to send any OSC messages which written right on the staff, like in Noteability, but it's not so necessary.


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There is no open source alternative to the mainstream DAWs for Windows.

I have tried various open source offerings over the years, and sadly none of them have ever come close to what can be done with either of the two mainstream Windows DAWs.

There is always something missing.

Now if something like Ardour was available for Windows it might be a different story.

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So the only way for Mac and Windows users is Ardour?
Anyway it would be great to have an ability to receive those basic OSC messages and that would give much more possibilities. Of course ideally is MIDI Clock, but It seems to me that those OSC messages is much more simpler to implement. Sorry if I wrong, but Is it not just some addition events when MuseScore's play/pause and changing start position events happens?

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