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• Oct 19, 2008 - 22:34

Further to previous post I was looking at this again and now figure that the line jumping to the next line of the stafff is not a bug but useful (there appears to be no other way to make them extend to the next line) .
If you click and and drag so the line attaches itself to a note in any measure except the last one it works fine.
After playing around for a while I've found that if you attach by clicking and dragging to the last measure (except last note) in a staff line it wraps around. This is good.
But if I attach to the last note in the last measure the part of the line that is staying with the original last note in last measure reverses itself. (see attached PDF and Musescore file).
You can double click and enter edit mode to make go the right way (but a bit wrong to my way of thinking).

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I get the wrapping behavior no matter which note in the last measure I attach to. This may not be such a big deal, though, now that I understand that behavior.

I downloaded the test example and tried it. I double clicked the funny-looking cresc/decresc (the "degenerate" one) to play with it. I stretched it so it looked "normal". But it came to a point even though it continued on the next line. After I exited edit mode, I couldn't double click it any more and go back in. It just ignored my double clicks after that.

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Playing again with the TEST score I've attached above.
If I double click and enter edit mode on the little up and down line at the end of the second line (this is actually the start of a DECRES., then drag it to the right - the Cresc. line marking underneath the TOP staff line also changes.
Just now I went in to see if it would still do it and when I double clicked for edit mode it turned blue but I could not edit it - then my computer crashed.
Funny thing though - the Demo score was underneath and when the TEST score shut down after the crash the little blue EDIT square box was on the DEMO score - although I couldn't do anything with it.

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OK in my Test score above - to make top line change when editing 2nd marking edit the top line little marking and drag to right i.e. make longer so it extents for the whole measure. Then edit the up and down line - it should then change the 1st line marking.
Sorry if this is confusing.
(Added: in previous posts I might have got confused with which line type - dercres. or cres - I actually started with before editing all over the place.)

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Just crashed computer again.
Was in TEST score above fiddling with decres and cres lines, got to a point where I thought they weren't responding to edit any more, closed that score without saving, but not program, and the Demo score underneath again had the blue edit boxes. When I dried to move the whole Demo score by dragging (the very 1st touch of the touchpad) I got the crash.
I'll leave this with you people now.

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