All the Things You Are

• Apr 7, 2011 - 05:07


I haven't seen much jazz represented on here, so I thought I'd throw one out for ya. Play with the arpeggios or drop a bass on it. Just don't splash the pot. Ten points to the first one who can name the movie that last sentence came from.

Have fun!

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if you want this swung, according to my research, you're going to dl it and then take display and then play panel. there is a drop down menu that allows for straight, swing, and shuffle. i tried saving it swung but when i pulled it up again the piece seemed to have forgotten about swinging it.

yeah, sorry about posting the mczs.mid file there. i was up past my bedtime when i submitted that. well, that and goldilocks had eaten my porridge again. i don't see why papa bear thinks she should live with us. steals our food, befouls our beds. common criminal, that's what she is.

but you don't want to hear my sob story. i'm sure all of us have our own goldilocks-ses. that and i don't think this turned out to be as funny on paper as it was in my head.

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