My first work with Musescore

• Apr 2, 2011 - 15:22

Here's my first work with Musescore. A melody for Piano.

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The middle section was very creative, but I think it outshone the intro and the ending. Since peopole generally get allurd by the beggining an remember the ending, I think those two should get a little more of your creativity ;)

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Thank you for your suggestions. In fact i must revise this piece and after i'll upload the new file.
Unfortunately I can't trying with the piano before to write with the software because of i not play piano, but the trombone.


Here's the complete version of this first work. I rewrited the intro and the ending and i removed the empty bars.
Ah, I called this: "Walking along the seafront" because listening it i think at walk along the seafront.

I hope that you like it! So, let me know with a comment please :). Thank you early.

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Walking along the seafront.mscz 5.93 KB

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