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• May 7, 2011 - 05:01

I have seen that MScore 1.0 is so weird with formating. Actually, the distance between staves is too large and the scores have a lot of pages. If I tried to reduce the size adjusting in LAYOUT, PAGE SETTINGS, SCALING SPACE the distance is to big or the score characters are too small.


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Sorry Marc, but I found that is not as simple. When you change the parameters in Style->Edit General Style->Page this not apply to all the pages of the score, and frequently some other things like lyrics are affected by these changes. For example, the size of the font. And, in the same way, if you change the distance between systems, never I get what I want, no matter how many changes I did. All the time, the distance between systems is too large.
Thanks for answer, and sorry for my english.

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Pay attention not to ask for impossible things.....!
As for the font size, indeed, by default, they change when the "spatium" change. But there is a possibility in each font configuration window to have font size independant of the spatium.
Obviously all pages are concerned by changing global parameters......
If you attach some score to a description of what you want I could try to help.

and if you have rather to use another language such a french or esperanto, it would also be easier for me

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The parameters in that dialog *do* apply to all pages in the score. I'm guessing you didn't read all the way through my write and didn't see the part about the "page fill threshold" - if you don't change that setting, it can certainly *look* like other settings are sometimes being ignored. As for font sizes, that's a different dialog - style->edit text style. Although in 1.0, text style change only affect text you haven't already entered. For text already entered, sometimes changing text style works after saving the file, closing it, and the reopening it. Sometimes you have to select the text already entered, right click, and change it via text properties. In 2.0, it appears this will be more straightforward.

But one way or another, it really *is* possible to get almost any look you want. Feel free to post a sample score and explain what you'd like to see different if you are having trouble figuring out how to do it.

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I am posting an example : An Irish Blessing a composition of Bob Chilcott for choir and piano.
In example a, I show the MScore version: Look the big distance between systems in pages 2-3-4. Perhaps if I could get a short distance between systems without problem, I could control the amount of pages. Besides there is no way to change the size of the lyrics, except if I type all the text agiain. I exported this as xml and open it with Finale. I save one page and could change the size of the lyric's font easily.
Español: Para Robert. Espero hacerme entender mejor en español: Estoy enviando dos ejemplos un mscz de An Irish Blessing una obra de Bob Chilcott, copiada para aprender a utilizar el software. Observe en la versión para MuseScore la gran distancia entre los sistemas imposible de controlar con los recursos del programa. Por otra parte, de tanto probar los cambios de escala, la letra se puso muy pequeña, no habiendo manera de editar esto salvo tipeando el texto completo de nuevo, lo que es muy impráctico.
Thanks guys for all your help with us, the users of MuseScore. I appreciate that so much.

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Just as I guessed in my previous message, you had not changed the Page Fill threshold - that's why you were getting so much space betwene systems. When MuseScore cannot fit an entire extra system on a page, it will spread the existing systems out to fill the page if the page exceed this threshold. And that's why your changes to the system distance weren't having any effect MuseScore is filling your page for you. Set the fill threshold to a higher value even - 100% - if you don't want that. As for lyric size, as I also mentioned above, you have to select the lyrics, right click, and change the Text Properties (use the apply to all similar elements option).

If your goal is to fit more music on each page so that it takes fewer pages, you can continue to reduce the scale and the system distance, also the distance between staves within a system. You can also reduce the stretch setting, which will results in more measures fitting on some systems. And in this case, since the second Coro staff is mostly empty, you can use the Hide Empty Staves option to make it not display until needed - except that doesn't work with split staves. You'd need to use two regular staves, not one split staff, to get that to work.

I've gone ahead and made some those changes to your file to show how you could get it to fit onto two pages. I also made the lyrics all bigger, and moved them up slightly (right click one syllable, select similar, then ctrl-drag). I'm sure this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it should demonstrates that these sort of things really *are* possible.

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