Accidentals in Ornaments

• Sep 25, 2015 - 15:39

I'm wondering if there is a way of specifiying that the upper note used in a trill should have an accidental when the note does not have the accidental in the key signature and it does not appear (modified by the accidental) in the bar where the trill is. The standard way of showing this would be to have a small sharp or flat sign above or below the trill sign. I encountered this problem while I was transcribing L'Enfantine by Couperin, which I have just uploaded. My solution was to change the key signature for bar 7, adding an e flat. Now the piece sounds right, but it does not look right because the small flat under the trill is missing. Is there a more elegant solution to this problem? Thank you


You can add an accidental from the Symbols palette, or as text (Ctrl+Shift+B enters a flat). It won't affect playback, but keep in mind the primary purpose of MuseScore is notation.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'm quite new to MuseScore. I tried your suggestion but I'm probably doing it wrong. If I select the note which has the trill (d in my case) the flat appears in front of it, but that is a problem: I need a natural d and only the e for the trill should be flat. If I select the trill the flat does not appear at all. Perhaps I should try to add an e flat grace note before the d. Thanks

P.S. I found out how to add the flat as text. Actually now it looks right and it sounds right, whith the change in key signature, and the non visible setting for the extra flats in the key. Thanks again

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"... how to add a natural?"
1. Select the note with the ornament
2. Open the Master Palette (type Z)
3. Navigate to the Symbols section, type natural in the search field
4. Double-click your preferred natural symbol
5. In the Inspector, adjust the Y-offset of the natural to place it above/below the ornament (you may need to turn off Automatic placement)

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