Crash on save

• Jun 2, 2009 - 15:56

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with one of my documents: it has become impossible to save it anymore, because MuseScore crashes (closes unexpectedly) when I click on the "save" function.

This is probably caused by the file itself, since the save function works properly for the other files.

This file has also had a strange behavior before: at some point it changed a ' into a " after each saving, and I had to use the mscx format to save my file, in order to be able to correct manually the mistake.

The file has been created with an older version of MuseScore, but I can't remember which.

I have tried to launch MuseScore from the terminal, and here is what happens in the terminal when I try to save (followed by the crash):

pierre@xp-ubuntu:~$ mscore
Suspending PulseAudio
Alsa_driver: the interface doesn't support mmap-based access.
init ALSA audio driver failed
init ALSA driver failed
init audio driver failed
sequencer init failed
next note at 74880(measure 0) voice 1 for tie not found
SLine: segments 1 needed -5, remove 6
SLine::layout(): no segment 1, 6 expected
SLine: segments 1 needed -8, remove 9
SLine::layout(): no segment 1, 9 expected
SLine: segments 1 needed -8, remove 9
SLine::layout(): no segment 1, 9 expected
SLine: segments 1 needed -16, remove 17
SLine::layout(): no segment 1, 17 expected
AVERTISSEMENT : le processus fils a été terminé par le signal 11

Any idea?
I add the file to this post.
Thanks for your help,
Running Ubuntu 9.04, MuseScore 0.9.5 rev 1848

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Hi all,
I've found the problem:

I tried to copy the entire music in the damaged file toward a new one, created with the version (1848) I'm using. And then,... it crashed when I clicked on the copy button! BUT It didn't crashed when I tried to copy only a few bars... Then, after many trials, I've identified that bar number 23, in the piano part only, caused the crash.
It is the only place in the file where I've used 3 voices in the same staff; maybe does it come from that?
Anyway, my file is now functional, and I hope my problem will have brought some infos to the developpers.

Have a nice day,


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