Slur and Navigation in Edit Mode

• Mar 6, 2009 - 14:01

Typing in S in edit mode does not produce a slur. Nor, does slur seem to be an option in any menu? Is there a workaround?


Did you select a note first? See slur for details.

I suppose it is also possible that you changed the shortcut (intentionally or otherwise). Go to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts and double-click "Normal State". "Add slur" is the third item down. Does it have the letter "S" next to it?

Just downloaded 0.9.4. (Friday March 6, 2009) New User Like it so far.
However, unable to create slur or tie. Read the manual, read previous comments. Yes, entered edit mode and selected note. "S" Unable to slur. Same issue with Tie.
Checked preferences setting as one previous comment suggested. Appears to be set correctly.
Thanks for your attention.

Maybe you are double-clicking to select the note head. I can confirm that S and + do not add slurs and ties in this type of edit mode. If you single-click to select the note head or your are in note entry mode then slurs and ties should work without a problem.

I am also encountering this problem with slurs. Have checked preferences and ensured default of s is present. The slur function worked once, then would no longer work on the same piece of music. Here's what I did ... when in edit mode, selected the note and pressed s Then, shift right to attach slur to next note. However, instead of getting the slur handles, the note head would move to the right. Am using Windows XP. Any clue want I'm doing wrong?

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First, let me preface this with ... this software is terrific and so much easier to use than others ...... bravo! I'm enjoying it considerably.
But, sadly, I'm still unable to make the slur function work - I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong. I appreciate the clarification in the manual, but here's what I just tried.
- Made sure I was NOT in note mode.
- Selected the first note.
- Double clicked to get into edit mode (made sure edit appeared on bottom bar).
- Typed s. Nothing happened. No handles. When I shift right ...the note head moved again.

So, clearly I am slur challenged. That said .....I can always work around that because the rest of the software is so incredibly easy to use. Thanks for making this available!

Only suggestions for other enhancements for the future (if it's present now I haven't yet figured it out) for rookie musicians like myself is an ability to put free text in margins and an ability to add other instruments to the score (whistle, harp).

Again, thanks much!

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