Files can't be seen

• Jul 7, 2009 - 00:37

If I create a file and save it with Musescore, I can read it back, no problem. But the Windows (Vista) Explorer can't see the file in the specified directory, even using command prompt as Administrator. Either Musescore is saving the file somewhere else and making it appear to be in the target directory (why in the world would you do that?) or it has a rootkit which has subverted the operating system blinding it to these files, and if it can do that it can do much, MUCH more, and needs to be removed but FAST.
Any ideas?


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MuseScore is open source. You can check the source code here:
If you are not able to examine the code source yourself, please be sure than others are and will detect any harming stuff very quickly.
Regarding your files, you know from where most of software problems come from ;) Between the chair and the keyboard.
So my best guess is that you didn't save your files in the directory you think you did. Take a closer look or try to search.

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