Wrong Copyright claim + no reply reaction to my dispute since a month...

• Jun 21, 2016 - 21:02

on the 18.05 I got mail 'Copyright Notification: All of Me'
Reportedly infringed copyright:

Artist: John Legend
Song: All Of Me
Publisher: Sony/ATV

How how dare ya f... greedy Sony bastards. Did ya got enough might & millions ?
However this time that claim is wrong.
Thats not the song you claim.

The title is same but the music is some nice old swing piece by Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons firstly performed in Detroit 1931.
So this no f***ing John Legend s***.

Okay so filed a dispute explaining that this is false title.
This was about a month ago and so far I didn't got any reply or action yet.

... well I got more & more disappointed by musecore.
I mean here like two times as not checking what scores you block cause copyright s***
...and second for not really reading/reaction to 'disputes'.

Hmm maybe I should just switch to the standard 'hydra' procedure to deal with crap like that:
1. Upload & creatively modify until it stays up! [anonymously]
2. *twice* / Backup !!!
^-since you this 'take notice' wanna show ya that is 'good stuff' that deserves backup. A backup/spread makes sense here.

To me it feels since Musescore version 2 your open source and freedom standards started to fall down.
I mean it started with the 5 score limit for free users. And continued by send out these stupid copyright claim. And what puzzled me today us is that it seems ya sacrificed these nice and simple video scores for this new 'Send to you Tube' thing. Without any notice or statement (about why and what (at least I didn't found any). That's no real replacement. It's more complicated (you need as well a youtube channel) and it's really limiting for free users and don't offer same functionality like click on a beat to repeat. Why can't ya just keep these good old video scores?

And yes still most of the files made with version 1 looks like s*** in the version 2.

Okay enough I sorry for being a little emotional, that was my best day today and
yes just feels better now to have wrote this anger down here.


Hi Djamana,

Your counter notice was valid and your score should have been automatically reinstated. However, due to some unidentified issue on our side, this didn't happen. I'm investigating what went wrong. In the meantime, your score is reinstated.

The VideoScore feature is not sacrificed. The Sent to Youtube is completely new. Instead, VideoScore is renamed to Audio Source, and you can still create a VideoScore in the very same way. Upon playback, you will see the video pop into the score player.

Finally on the topic of opening MuseScore 1 files into MuseScore 2, read these tips: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/upgrading-musescore-1.x#opening-1-x-s…

I hope this clears up much of the confusion. Don't hesitate to reach out directly to us via support@musescore.com.

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Cool thanks. :) :) :)
Wow that was like instantly.
You saved my day.

I'm sorry for being a little rude.
It feels so good to see that ppl are there that cares and do.

...okay I see the new name of 'video score' is 'audio score'

Regarding the AudioSources I notice some other tiny stange thing.
There are two yt sources, one of these i can not select edit or delete.
The other one is there just like normal.

Hmm anyway why this name change?
Googleing show that the new name noticeably clashes with Software made by neuratron that is also name AudioScore.

Just learned by 'All of Me' what confusion and bigger clashes such little 'same name' things can cause - especially if mixed with some misunderstanding or computer bugs, that always might happens. (And mostly at the most infelicitous moments.)

Reminds me to the story of 'Windows Commander'

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I would recommend caution, and would hate for anyone on these forums to get into legal trouble.
The "old" version of All of Me is also copyrighted (1931) by Sony/ATV/Gerald Music/Marlong Music.
(Easily confirmed by searching for the song at MusicNotes.com).
Since Gerald Marks died in 1997, I believe the copyright is valid until 2067 (70 years after the composer's death)?
They may have quoted the wrong version of the song, but I doubt that will be much consolation if you're hauled into court.
I'm *not* a copyright lawyer, and have no vested interest in this other than (as I said) keeping users of MuseScore out of legal trouble.

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