MuseScore using the tempo plugin and midi importing

• Jun 28, 2016 - 03:21

So the work is a MuseScore I have edited from three midi files... It is new to me the transfer of midi to MuseScore so we are going to get inconsistencies with measure creations... bad -- but when I ignore the problems then it seems to work... this is when creating the composition.

I have also uploaded or am going to upload the works to my blog/website - where I am working with the supernova II performance and patch creations and results. here my youtube site is here --- but I have not had the youtube thing to work from here for an unknown reason possible that I need to give this site permission to upload videos to my youtube account? IDK ---

so devoting a blog entry to this work .. I have posted it here..

the final work(sofar) is on the blog for downloading here.…


Sound is New Sound
Tempo is New Tempo
Love is New Love

I am New ..
This is Bill

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So, control A then control shift delete or the Mac version for Mac

Thanks guessing that should go somewhere in the handbook too,..

Thanks for the link Jojo much appreciated,..


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This fix solves a lot of problems,..

When translating midi from the reaper 5 program that had used a midi file from thumbjam some if not most blank measures have only one eighth rest in them...

A midi file from musescore saved to my google drive is an example of this...(I think)

Mostly the scores are used back and forth between the programs in the end to experiment with the new interfaces.

I have the desktop computer 8core and the iPad 2 mini and midi equipment going on,,,

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found a major problem with my transfers from my reaper music program and the MuseScore2 I had the reaper program set to use an off time signature 43/34 time... the translated music was not nice and cause inconsistencies and errors ... in Muse reaper did not have a problem but then reaper was not trying to represent the notes being played so... changing all the midi files or the ones I use and such ... to 4/4 time makes nice work of the problem.
link to song where it is uploaded as contemp classical.
this video is something I made in 2012 but uploaded today ..

my youtube musescore2 was posted it is very nice... I am just about ready to get that pro-subscritption given a few more perks or awareness there of and probably will go for it... maybe a year package but ,,, we will see.

what are the actual problems or limitations here?

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