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• Dec 4, 2016 - 18:04

My friend is a cars's fan and he love cars's engine sounds.He has a crazy idea is wanting to add engine sounds in Musescore 2.I know that's not even a instrument,but if you can,my friend will very happy and surprised.Thank


Please have a look at all the 'real' instruments listed in MuseScore...
Now, imagine someone requesting car engines, then another wanting motorcycle engines, then a boater wanting a boat engine. Then, there's the question of diesel or gas, maybe propane, electric?
With the approaching holidays, I would prefer barking dogs - especially for 'Jingle Bells'.

For 'crazy ideas' like sound effects, simply export a wav or mp3 file from MuseScore into an audio editor app (like the free open source Audacity). There you can cut, paste, and mix whatever crazy effects you desire into the music.
(For some strange reason, Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las now comes to mind...)

MuseScore gets its sounds from a soundfont that obeys the Genmeral MIDI standard, which is indeed meant fore music not for random sound effects. But there are other soundfonts out there can you download and install - see the Handbook under Soundfonts for more info. If you can find one - or create your own using a soundfont editor - that incldues a car sound, then you can use it with MuseScore.

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Beyond the ones already provided (be sure to select All in the drop down menu at top of Instruments window, or see the Ethnic section in particular; also use the Search bar)? You can use a similar instrument and change the name by right clicking it and going to Staff Properties. To get additional playback sounds, see the Handbook under Soundfonts.

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