Beaming over rests

• Mar 18, 2012 - 05:10

What to do when you're beaming over a rest and the rest gets in the way of your beam? Do you move the rest or the beam? (See attached)

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I am writing a long score where I have eighth - note sixteenth rest - sixteenth note. How do I "move the beam" over the rest to get the eighth note and the FOLLOWING sixteenth note to be one idea? MuseScore wants, in a series of these figures, to attach the sixteenth note to the Following eighth note, not the previous one.


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All beaming is controlled by using the icons on that same palette. See the Handbook entry on Beam for more information.

BTW, looking at your score, it appears you've been trying to stretch slurs to appear to extend to multiple notes. Aside from being more work than necessary, it doesn't won't work well either - your adjustments will not look right as formatting changes, plus playback won't be correct if/when slur playback is implemented. See Line to see how to adjust the end points of slurs.

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