0.9.5 - no title, no bar number, no instrument names

• Sep 29, 2009 - 13:16

I saved a score with version 0.9.4.
When I open it with version 0.9.4 I can see the title, the measure numbers and the instrument names.
With version 0.9.5 these are invisible.

When I create a new score with version 0.9.5 and enter in the dialogue title etc, these stuff is also not visible in the score itself.

So, it seems to be a general problem. I wonder, that you did not detect this already.

BTW: It seems, that also there are some quite lacks in the "palette". E.g. in the section 'Fingering' almost all is empty now or have only a very small dot. Indeed also the title etc are only a very thin and small line. So maybe the scaling of the font is not working anymore.

Info: I'm using Windows XP.


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1) Did you uninstall 0.9.4 before installing 0.9.5?
=> No, i.c.o. other programs no uninstallation of a previous version is needed. I installed 0.9.5 in the same directory, where 0.9.4 was already installed.

2) Do you have a printer installed?
=> Yes

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