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• Jun 6, 2017 - 09:19

I'll start off by saying that after 3 months of not touching a 3.0 nightly build, I decided to check and see what was new. I'll start with the bad news so that I can end on a good note.

Many, many, many bugs and crashes. I can hardly do anything with the 3.0 builds. Personally, I was definitely not a fan of this kind of behavior coming from a build that was tested/updated daily, but now that I see the progress coming along in the form of 2.1 (and now 2.2 being tested), I've come to view the 3.0 builds in a different perspective. I'm not a fan of most of the changes that are in 3.0 and I think a lot of it is frustrating, but I can now see that all of it's going to be focused/improved on in a future update, or some of the features will just not be present altogether.

As for the good news, something that's been bugging me since the beginning of these builds were the scaling errors that were caused from *possibly* installing a new font to your PC. I tested it today, and am very happy to say that these problems are not an issue anymore. Hopefully, this problem doesn't ever pop up in a future build again. I've attached the rushed PDF.

EDIT: I'm NOT complaining that the 3.0 builds are buggy and that they should be stable. I used to expect too much, but now I've gained some perspective on what they are. A list of ideas that can be picked out and worked on for a more stable update such as 2.1 (and now 2.2). I have no problems with that.

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Your expectations from the 3.0 nightly builds might just be overexpecting its capabilities.

master/3.0 is currently in a state where the internal definition of what a note is and how it should be represented is being reworked. This means that anything (*everything*) has to be reviewed and reworked to fit the new data model.

Yes, the build is updated every commit; and yes, some automated test run on it (but even there some of the tests are currently simply disabled, because we know it won't be fixed in the coming weeks/months yet), but that's it: nothing more, nothing less.

The 2.2 nightlies will be more stable, as they are a continuation of the latest stable release; but even there the development has only just started (and is kept to a minimum in order to be able to focus on 3.0) and it is not yet in a "testing stage".

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Well, you're correct in some sense. Like I said, I USED to expect too much from the 3.0 builds, but not anymore seeing as how the more focused updates (2.1, 2.2) are where the focus should be as they are more important and stable. I now have some perspective on what a 3.0 build should be, and that's a ton of ideas and possibilities that can be handpicked and adjusted for a more focused update until it eventually DOES get to 3.0.

For what it's worth: at some point in the development of MuseScore 2, users wrote exactly the same remark. In order to further improve, one needs to be prepared to break it all. This is exactly what is happening from one major release to another.

For the record, you aren't *supposedly* to be able to "do" anything with nightly builds of 3.0. They are for testing purposes only. This is stated as explicitly and plainly as possible. Please, do not expect to be able to actually work with any nightly build of 3.0. It is nowhere near ready for that. You might as well walk into an automobile manufacturing plant, stick you key in the ignition of a car still on the assembly line, and complain that it won't drive. Or open the oven door ten minutes after sticking a whole chicken in and complain that it is still raw.

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