note off of one voice affects the others on the same note

• Mar 18, 2013 - 04:30

I have a score with voices where voice 1 has a 16th note on one note, and has the same 16th note on the same note but is tied into the next measure. Only the 16th note is played, but what I actually want to happen is for the longest note to be played. I think there should be some logic to test whether there are other voices on the same note and only the longest-duration one should get a note-off event. Maybe the attached score will better get my meaning across--I refer to the last 16th in the first full bar, among other places. No6.mscz

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Interestingly enough, I think this is more related to the cross-staff notes, as it plays correctly in other scores where a similar situation is confined to only one staff.

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1 - This is a known bug ( prevents a short note of hearing the same notes of longer duration ).
Workaround : note properties> Offtime offset type > Offset setting a value greater than 50% ( to test for an acceptable value, but this may disrupt the attack of the next note ).
2 - You can't make tie between notes of different voices (a slur does not extend the duration ).

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I know that you can't tie between different voices in the program, but in real life you can. That is why I used the third voice without a stem on the first note. The tie actually goes to it, so it should sound correct, but doesn't.

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I norally use invisible notes in the other voices to achieve the same basic idea. Same thing I used to do in other notation programs; I don't think I've ever used one that supported ties between voices.

I did some experimenting and found a way to make it look and play correctly. It is definitely a hack but it seems to work until this bug is fixed. The trick is to avoid using voice 1 as it seems to override the other voices. This will create a lot of rests in the piece that need to be made invisible. When you get to a situation like this use your other voices to create a note that is on the same line or space, but has an accidental (off by a semi-tone). Change the velocity of this note to 1 (not 0 as this is a note-off message. velocity of 1 is effectively mute), and make the accidental invisible. Then use voice 1 to create the note with the ties.
I attached some experiments that I hope may help in locating the source of this bug.

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