Playback transposition seems wrong

• Aug 3, 2013 - 00:08

Hi - starting on a new score. Set up using Big Band template. On playback, the Bb and Eb saxes and Bb trumpets sound like they aren't transposing correctly. Also, the Baritone Sax is not playing in the correct octave. I checked the staff properties, and they seem ok, but who knows. Still learning my way...

File attached..



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Hey,_Good_Lookin'.mscz 10.91 KB


Further investigation shows that all staves are playing in concert pitch, even though the Staff Properties indicate transpositions that appear correct for the instruments. Is there a global switch that I've got set wrong or something?

Also, playback transposition works fine on other files, so it must be something in the settings on this one....???

Thanks again.


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