MuseScore Drumline 0.2.5 Available for Preview/Testing

• Jun 6, 2018 - 00:02

The first preview of MDL (0.2.5) is now available for download.

You can download here:…
(instructions in readme)

This is an ALPHA release, so things are still a bit rough.
Included you will also find a rough draft of the notation reference for:
- Snareline
- Tenorline
- Bassline

If you are a VDL user or used to reading notation created in VDL, the notation reference should be somewhat familiar, though there are some clear differences.

Currently in progress, but not yet included are:
- Solo Snare
- Solo Tenors
- Cymbal line
- Racks


I know it's an Alpha release, but here I go:
When exporting an audio track, the tenor sounds are replaced with the bass sounds. When opening the audio file, the snare and bass parts are fine, but the tenors are replaced by bass sounds.
The shots are a little quiet, the snare sounds a bit too wet (imo), and flam interpretation is bit off.

Other than that, I'd say it's an amazing step up from the old soundfonts. Basses and quads are a huge improvement. Keep doing what you guys are doing. I can't wait for a full release.

The instructions say to extract the MDL Sound folder into \Documents\Musescore 2\Resources. I do not have a resources folder, in the normal musescore or musescore nightly folder. Where does it go?

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