Key Signature - Can't insert

• Nov 14, 2009 - 04:11

Muse Score Version 0.9.5 Revision 2012
MacBook Pro

Mac OSX Version 10.5.

I created a new score from the template wizard using a led sheet template. My initial key signature was C. I created about 12 measures and then realized that I wanted to change the key signature after measure 8. I tried to drag the a key signature from the palette but was not able. I think something may have happened, but I could not see the f# in the key signature and I don't think it was playing f# in playback. I did see a little box that looked like it would hold the key signature but there was nothing visible. I can't tell if this has been previously reported but I didn't see anything in the posts. I tried a score I started not with a template and I was able to drag over a different key signature.


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That seems to solve the problem.

On a related note:

I've read comments about inserting a courtesy key signature but I can't really figure out how to insert one.


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