sample of instrument sounds for electronic and pitched percussion instruments

• Sep 28, 2018 - 02:10

I made a layout of all the instrument parts for two groups of intstrument categories for 2.3.2 version I anyone who wants to hear a sample of what each instrument sounds like would find these documents useful. : )


sample of all electronic instruments. So what I did was have every instrument in a category listed and go down in order with each instrument playing a measure of 5 notes starting with low C, G, middle C, G, and high C (to give a range of 2 octaves) with 4 eighth notes and then a quarter note used in each measure for every instrument every measure is played by a different instrument in order to hear a sample of all the instruments in a category. This one has all the electronic instruments labeled (heh, in reverse order... my bad, but the file for pitched percussion is in the correct order)..... Also, note, that I may have changed the sample to go up or down an octave in pitch for particular instruments, either to adjust the pitch range of notes that's better suited for a particular instrument or else to hear a wider range of note pitches for multiple instrument samples that are very similar sounding... (such as soprano steel drums, alto steel drums, etc which all sound very similar or practically sound identical to each other to a person who may not hear subtle differences or not be familiar with the instrument to be aware of the subtle differences of two similar sounding instrument parts)...

Sampling of all plucked string instruments...I'll try to clean it up a bit more so it's not so confusing and easier to read which instrument is which but still be able to see all the parts crammed into the space provided for seeing the whole list of instruments at 25% size

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These three documents should cover all the wood wind, free reed, brass, plucked and bowed string instruments for anyone who would like to preview all the instruments in those categories. For strings, the same sample of notes is played 3X instead of just once like the other instruments to hear the bowed instruments played normally, pizzicato, and tremelo

Although I personally don't see the value for such a score. If I want the real instrument I'll refer to recordings of it to find out which instrument, then start from that and eventually either use the correct soundfont or scroll through the mixer.

But I do commend your effort!
In order to keep the end result readable, consider turning on the "hide empty staves" option and present it in page view.

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Can one of you clever folks do me a favor and create a file of a small water fall which I have as an mp3. I can't include it with this note. I want to incorporate it with a Muscscore composition. I found the file at I would do it myself but I don't know how to change the mp3 to a file format that would upload to mscz and further even how to then do it. Someone's help would be appreciated. Thanks.,

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