Drum input palette

• Oct 16, 2018 - 05:07

I saw this question https://musescore.org/en/node/277195
and I wonder if it would be possible to have the percussion notation bar undockable and/or resizable as it is possible for the Piano keyboard.
(I can't find out if the matter has already been requested)


As far as I understand, the drum palette should better have the same behavior (in opposite to the piano keyboard) as for palettes in general or as for tool bars too: less resizeable first of all, but undockable in the same way.
I don't think, there already exist a feature request therefore.

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The drum palette should better have the same behavior of the piano keyboard, as for palettes in general or as for tool bars too.
The mouse pointer turns to double sided arrow but it doesn't resize (or at least for me with 2.3.2/Mint). I have no idea how it works on recent Nightly.

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As you can imagine, I'm not aware of the code concerning drum input ;-).

The same behavior and the only difference I can see between 2.3.2 and the development version: It isn't possible to undock and resize the view, but in 2.3.2 it's selectable the drum input view via right click on the toolbar, with the development version it isn't available (not sure if it's intended or a bug).

Maybe it's the point of view: I don't using the keyboard view for input. For me the drum notation with the mouse input should have the same behavior as for the input of elements via other palettes or via the toolbar: undockable, but the size should follow the actual resolution.

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