need help with putting in sustain/ped

• Nov 19, 2009 - 03:38

First off, I'm running version 0.9.5 on Microsoft Windows XP. I just began using Muse Score and I'm fairly new to music theory and transcribing (I'm a soon to be graduating high school student). I followed the directions in the handbook to drag-and-drop Ped lines to add sustain because the piece that I wrote and I need to transcribe for my college app has sustain pretty much through the entire piece (if I can, I'll add it to every measure). However, when I drag the ped line into a measure the sustain is not added to the playback. I changed the tempo to Grave in specific area and it changed in the playback but I can't figure out how to get the sustain into the playback. If it can't be heard in the playback, that's fine. But, I don't really know how and specifically where I'm supposed to add the line to properly add sustain (like if someone is reading the piece, where the line is supposed to be) to multiple measures or even to one measure for that matter. Sorry if I'm completely missing something completely obvious, like I said before, I'm still new to this. I just really need help with this because I have to have this piece transcribed by this weekend. Thank you so much to anyone that can help me out or give me a short lesson in inserting ped into a piece.


The start of the sustain line should align with the note you want the pedal to be pressed down on. The end of the line should extend through the duration of the note you want the pedal released on.

To change the length of the line it is important to use the method described in the handbook: lines .

In current versions of MuseScore the sustain line does not affect playback.

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I guess technically it could be either or, but specifically when I play the piece I hold the sustain down while I play the entire thing (I guess the constant sustain gives it a certain dynamic that I like, rather than switching back and forth). So do I just need a ped symbol at the beginning, or is there another symbol for "at the player's discretion"?

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