Music Playback - Increase amount of instruments

• Feb 20, 2019 - 02:40

I was hoping that Musescore 3 would have fixed the limited playback feature of musescore 2, but it has not.
Can someone increase the amount of available instruments for playback in a single score? For each instrument in a full score, I have solo and section, as well as sustain, staccato, accent, (as well as pizzicato and tremolo) for others. All of the available playback channels are taken up very very quickly before I can even load 50% of the orchestra into musescore with SFZ packs. My computer is far able in memory allocation to load all of those simultaneously. And even if they are not able to play together at once, it would seem that an instrument should at least be allowed to be heard when set "solo" in the mixer even if this limit is exceeded -- but it doesn't even load them at all.

So, can you PLEASE do a simple edit and increase the variable that limits the number of max instruments loaded, and recompile. I can see in the code where that simple limitation variable can be changed in a couple seconds. I would think changing it from 64 to 512 would be far enough and then allow each person's computer ability to be the limitation instead of the problem.



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