Tie in note entry mode

• Dec 4, 2009 - 05:34

Attached find a screenshot and an emscore file.

I just downloadedand installed 2205:2269 on XPPro SP3.

While entering the next to last bar of this few bars, I tried to tie the "A's" as now seen. However I tried first to do this while in note entry mode. The program spit out an added note instead ( I didn't catch exactly what), and I Ctrl-z'd back, went to edit mode and made the tie.

However, now the program is confused in the next bar.


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I suppose the workaround to select the "confused bar" and choose Edit > Delete Selected Measures. As always, if you discover the steps to reproduce the problem please share.

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Are you able to create the faulty bar starting from a new score? I tried the following steps but it didn't cause any problems for me:

  1. Create new score
  2. Manually enter the notes for measures 4 and 5 as shown in your screen shot . Leave out ties for now
  3. Still in note entry mode use the arrow keys to go back to the note that needs a tie
  4. Press + to add a tie
  5. Edit > Undo

What am I missing here?

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Hi David. Again, an attached file.

It seems that the real bug is:
Being in edit mode.
Selecting a rest.
Pressing (in this case) "A" to enter an "A".

No note is deposited but the mode switches to entry mode and the blue line appears. However, pressing a note on the keyboard has no further effect.

One can still place a note via mouse, however the bar then contains an inaccurate number of beats.


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