Musescore desktop is behaving strangely.

• Dec 1, 2013 - 19:45

Something happened and now my musescore desktop shows the menus at the top, the palettes to the side and below the menus. Originally the score showed up to the right of the palettes. Now the score shows up below the palettes and there are two copies of the score, one above the other. Its a pretty useless arrangement for editing a score. How do I get back to having only one copy of the score open, with the score to the right of the palettes? I've searched through all the menus but have not found anything that helps. Tried a factory reset per one of the threads in this forum. Didn't help. Using Mac OSX 10.8.5 and Musescore version 1.3 5704 on a MacBook Pro. Any guidance is most appreciated.


...of what you are seeing might help someone here on the Forum.

My humble guess as to what it might be:
Be advised that you can drag your score out from under the Palettes (click on an empty spot and drag the score). Also, 'F9' will toggle Palettes on/off.

As far as seeing two scores - maybe the navigator is too big? - see if 'F12' does anything.


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You are spot on. I checked displays and found the "documents stacked" checked. I unchecked it and not surprisingly I now have only one display with a floating palette. I know I checked this many times before but that was before resetting everything to defaults under preferences so no telling what happened. Clearly it will take me a while to get used to the interface. Thanks to all who responded so quickly to my travails. It truly is appreciated.

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