Improper transposition and difficulty with accidentals.

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I am doing a lead sheet of "I Remember You". Those of you who know it know that there is a repeated phrase at the end which temporarily moves to a key 1 minor 3rd higher, and, in regular use, drops back after the 2 bars to the original key.

As am exercise for myself and some players I play with, I wish to use that 2 bar transposition as a modulation to the new key, a minor 3rd higher. Again at the end of that chorus, I wish to transpose m3 higher, and again, returning to the original key. we will be able to use thesde 4 keys for soloing on, adding a degree of intereswt and challange.

So, I set out the 1st chorus (so far without chordnames.

To speed notation, I did the 1st chorus, selected it and copied it to the next position. I kept that selection and went to Notes>transpose.

1st, the option to transpose key signature was greyed out, so I transposed the line up the proper distance and OK.

I then went and placed the new key signature in the appropriate place.

Well, the transposed part has spurious courtesy naturals placed in inappropriate places, and when I try to remove these accidentals, the note gets changed to an improper pitch.

I attach the Lead sheet.

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2205:2269I continue with trying to fix the score.

For copying to the 3rd section, I installed the key signature before copying the line, and then used the arrow keys to transpose the new part. That seemed to work better. When I went back and tried the same method on the 2nd part, it was better, although there are still spurious naturals???

I then started to add the chord names. As part of this I had to add rests in the 2nd voice and make them invisible so that I could fit the changes in. The attached screen shot shows a result.

I was adding the 1/2 rests, voice 2 to bar 7 and 8. As I completed bar 7 and used the spacebar to advance the rests to bar 8, the program leapt to bar 33. I then placed the cursor into bar 8 and, using voice 2, filled bar 8. Again as I advanced the cursor, it leapt to bar 33 with the result you see in the attached file.

I placed a line break in bar 8 and that solved the problem with the 2nd ending.


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In the attached file you will see a few bars. In these bars 1 I had manually manipulated the notes from the "flat" key signature to the appropriate notes using sharps in the following key signature.
I then read your note re: Note > Pitch.

I went to pitch spell and invoked it. The attached file shows the results.(It did not clean up the spurious accidentals).

Ctrl-Z did not revert these bars to what I had previously.

it seems to ,me to some how be connected to sharps.


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