Musescore automatically calculating my measure too short?

• Nov 6, 2019 - 20:15

Hello to all! First & foremost thank you genuinely for taking the time to aid me in this! I may just be overlooking something SO simple! :)

I am entering an arrangement to Silent Night into Musescore with little success so far. The song is in 3/4 with 24 measures in our arrangement in question. I have selected 3/4 and 24 measures in Musescore to start this. When I enter the notes, all is well up to a point where I am needing to enter 2 more notes in the SAME measure and Musescore appears to be calculating my measure as complete when it's clearly note yet...
I must be missing something. I have changed time values all around just to experiment and I'm stuck :(

I have uploaded 2 documents. One is the start of my song in a Musescore PDF. The other document is a PDF I made showing my concern. :)

If ANYONE has any tips or advice as to what I may be doing wrong, it would be beyond appreciated!

You all rock!



I think, there is 3 voices in the original sheet music, so, it's not clear. 2 voices is the maximum. One voice for the low note, dotted half note, second voice for the half rests and the eight notes, and 3rd voice for the quaver and dotted quaver + an half rest or an eight note. Re-write into 2 staves with , the low notes on the lower stave, like a piano, and the 2 others voices and the upper stave, it will be very clear

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