from XP to UBUNTU

• Mar 27, 2014 - 10:54


due to the fact that WinXP will no longer be supported by Microsoft I thought I might try to change to UBUNTU.
I have therefore installed a computer with UBUNTU and have also installed Musescore on it.

Of course there many new things I have to learn to fully understand the way UBUNTU works, but one thing I would like to know:

I have made a lot of changes in the default settings in my windows-musescore. Can i copy the relevant files from my windows-computer to the ubuntu-computer? And which files might that be??
Also I have problems in finding out where the files are placed in UBUNTU.. ?

Appreciate any help.



I would recommend you to use Ubuntu Studio rather than plain vanilla Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Studio is setup specially for those working with graphic and sound media, and everything works out of the box without the need to extra configuration which may not be the case with plain vanilla Ubuntu.


I went the same route a few years ago (in my case it was XP => Linux Mint; different distro but windows to Linux anyway).

I didn't try to move my MuseScore configuration files from the former to the latter, but I suspect it might work, but chances are something would be lost along the way.

I do not remember where the config. files are under Windows, but any of the Windows user out there can tell you.

Under Linux, MuseScore config. files are in

Version 1.x: ~/.local/share/data/MusE/MuseScore

Version 2.0: ~/.local/share/data/MuseScore/MuseScoreDevelopment

Hoping it helps,


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