Translation instructions

Last updated 2018-09-26

The translation of the MuseScore software and the MuseScore mobile apps happens at Transifex

MuseScore mobile apps for Android/iOS

  1. Login at, or register in case you don't have a Transifex account
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the Join team button and select your language
  4. Refresh the page and press the Translate button
  5. Select a language and start translating

P.S. If you want to translate the texts into some other language (and you have good command of it), click the "Join team" link at , select this language and repeat steps 4-5.

MuseScore software

The translation of the MuseScore software happens at Transifex.

How to translate

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Help Translate "MuseScore" button and either register or login in case you already have a Transifex account.
  3. Once signed in, select your language and you will see all the available resources which can be translated
  4. The resources for the MuseScore software are MuseScore and Instruments
  5. If these are not at 100%, click on the resource
  6. Finally click on the blue Translate button

How to test your translation

  1. Start MuseScore and navigate to the menu Help > Resource Manager
  2. If an update is available for your language, download it, close and restart the software
  3. Now check your translation. If anything is wrong or missing, update the translation on Transifex and repeat the update process.

Note: there is a delay of a couple of minutes between Transifex and MuseScore. So wait a little after your last translation update before download the language update in the MuseScore Resource Manager.

MuseScore Start Center

The Start Center is the first window you see when starting MuseScore. It lists your most recent work at the left side, and at the right is the online connection with the sheet music shared by the MuseScore community, the Getting Started score, the video tutorials and more. This online connection is also translatable via Transifex.

Translating the Start Center

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Scroll down and seek for your language
  3. Scroll down the resources list and select Start Center
  4. Finally click on the Translate button

To see your translation in place, you will have to need to wait up to 24h as the Start Center is updated only once a day.

"Getting Started" tutorial score

To localize the "Getting Started" one-page interactive tutorial that appears in the Start Center:
1. Download the original English version of the Getting Started score
2. Open in the score in MuseScore and replace all English text with your translation
3. Upload the result to your online MuseScore account
4. Become a member of the Getting Started Translations group, if you are not already
5. Add your localized Getting Started score to the Getting Started Translations group
6. Post a discussion in the group stating that you localized the Getting Started score, while stating your language.

MuseScore website and handbook

To be able to translate site content or the handbook you need to have been enabled by a website admin, use the "contact us" link on the bottom left of the page and mention the desired language(s).

How to check the status of a translation

In the Translate menu (only visible to translators, see above), click on Website content link which shows you the current state of the translation for all the pages. This is very useful in finding pages which are awaiting translation.

How to translate a menu page

  1. Start on the English interface of the website:
  2. Click on the menu page you wish to translate
  3. Hit the translate tab at the top of the page
  4. You will see a table, which describes the translation state for the page
  5. Hit the language you wish to add or edit
  6. Replace all the English text with the translation
  7. Finally, hit the submit button at the bottom of the form

After saving a new (not updated) translation of a menu page, the menu link which appears will be in English. The admin will replace this with the translated link. You can always leave a message in the translation forum in case of problems.

How to translate the handbook

Follow these instructions closely, step-by-step!

  1. To start the translation process of the handbook, go to the index page of the English handbook, hit the Translate tab at the top and pick your language. Next translate the English text.
  2. It's important to translate the handbook in the exact order of appearance in the index page: top ones first and translate your way to the bottom.
  3. Keep all the special markup in place such # [ { symbols.
  4. Don't change the node:xxx links as they will automatically point to the translated pages instead of the original English ones. You may translate the text after title= in the link markup.

If you have any question, please post in the translation forum.

Translate the website interface

All the textual strings on can be translated. If you find an English string you want to translate, use the translate interface to search for the string and enter your translation. There are special strings that are not as simple to find, but once translated, they have a big impact on the localized version of


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