Language settings and translation updates

MuseScore will be installed and work with your "System" language (the one used for most programs, and generally depending on your country and the language settings of the PC, or account).

Change language

  1. Go to EditPreferences... (Mac: MuseScorePreferences...)
  2. In the General tab, there is a Language section:

    Dialog: Edit / Preferences / General

You can change it and also update the translation with the Update Translations button. A new window will appear, showing your language at the top - see below.

As then indicated, you will have to exit and reopen MuseScore for changes and updates to take effect.

Update translation

You can update the translation as explained above, via the preferences settings, but there is another method:

  1. Go to HelpResource Manager
  2. Click on the Update button

    Dialog: Help / Resource Manager

Here too you will have to exit and reopen MuseScore for the update to take effect.

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