"Basso continuo" as instrument

• Mar 2, 2016 - 11:04

Hi -- Another newbie question.

I am transcribing a cantata for soprano and basso continuo (i.e. no specific instrument). What's the easiest (and most logical way) to get my score to show "Soprano" and "Basso continuo" as the two instruments? I selected "Violoncello" as the bass instrument when I started the score, but I don't want "Violoncello" to appear on the score.

I have tried editing the element with "Violoncello" on the first page of the score, but my changes always get discarded.

Would it be possible to add "Basso continuo" to the list of instruments?



Are you editing the instrument name from the Stave Properties dialogue?

Directly editing the name on the score will not work.

Here is the handbook entry showing how to do this.......

The problem with adding a Basso Continuo instrument would be what sound to assign to it - as you well know Basso Continuo can mean anything from bassoon through 'cello or gamba to archlute, and is quite often comprised of all the instruments I have mentioned together with the harpsichord.

If you are doing this regularly then I suggest you set up a template with the instrument name already changed. Saving a score as a template is achieved simply by saving it to the Templates folder rather than the Scores folder.

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