Eleanor Rigby: A Cappella

• Apr 11, 2011 - 06:20

pretty self-explanitory title. feedback, as always, is highly appreciated!

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I'm afraid I have a problem with your scoring of the tune as well. The phrase in the alto line at measures 21, 22, 23 which occurs throughout isn't quite right if you want to stick to the original. Of course if you're putting your own interpretation on it then that's fine, nothing wrong with that at all, and please ignore this!!

But if you're aiming for the original melody then in measure 22 and all the other measures containing this phrase, the first quaver should be a G, the second quaver an A and the quavers on C natural should be C# the last of which is tied over to measure 23.

Nice arrangement though. can I transpose it for my sax quartet?

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nicely done! a lot of great stuff to comment on here, but to keep it short, i am including your use of straight quarter notes to offset all the syncopation in the melody. a delicious contrast. i also love the descending by half steps bit in the alto. i forgot how depressing this song is. just what i needed this morning, actually +smile

did i mishear or isn't the text DARNING his sock in the night...?

have you heard aretha franklin's treatment of this? that would be a nightmare to put in note by note, but perhaps only an unpleasant day dream if you have midi. guess it depends on whether your choir has soul or not as to how useful it would be.

how would it be if you broke up the straight quarters a bit? it almost becomes ponderous. maybe when a choir sings it, it wouldn't seem that way. for my money, a little variation could go a long way.

I fixed the verse melody which was incorrect before, thanks to Peter B for pointing that out; that melody was driving me crazy to figure out by ear. I also fixed the typo in the lyrics in measure 66. Here is the newly edited version. Thanks to everyone for the input!

And Peter, you can absolutely transpose this for saxophone quartet. I can't wait to see how that sounds!

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OK, thanks, I'll get round to doing that when I have time. I have to agree with some of genesis_piano's comments though, so I might tinker with your straight quavers a bit.

My quartet has several Lennon & McCartney tunes in the repertoire, some of which I've bought as sax quartet arrangements and some I've transposed from a cappella choir scores. 'When I'm 64', 'In My Life', 'Yesterday', 'The Long And Winding Road' and 'Michelle' are audience favourites. I've never quite worked out why Lennon & McCartney compositions play so well on four saxophones. It's probably because they were written for four voices in the first place, which is probably why they work so well for a cappella choir too.

Keep up the good work, and above all, KEEP MUSIC LIVE!!

(Psssst.........you forgot measure 27 !!)

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