Sonata in C Major

• Mar 29, 2016 - 00:52

Hello all! Hope everyone's day is going well.

I just today started really working on a Sonata that I think turned out not too bad. I'd like to hear what ya'll think. I am new to this software and this community.

I am very interested in composing neo-baroque era music and this is what I attempted in this piece.

If anyone knows of an neo-baroque composers I would like to hear them and their work. I tried and tried to find such music but wasn't exactly what I was seeking.

Thanks for reading and much love to you all!


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Interesting song ... a couple of simple variations on a catchy melody. Like it. And especially that you ended on a D major chord instead of in the home key.

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Thanks beethovenfan01. BTW I am also a huge Beethoven fanatic myself. I remember learning his Sonata Pathetique some years back and forgotten most of it sadly.

It is mostly a rough draft for now and I don't really know where it's going to end up or how it will end. Maybe one day some crazy pianist will pick it up and give it a shot. I'd love to hear it with a human touch. I can only play part of it, how ironic, no?

Thank you again for your input!

Good! I just noticed that the pulse I hear is not properly aligned with the bars I see, so I dare to suggest some minor tweaks on the notation side (see attachment).

Apart from that, I find that measures 1-44 look much more "galante" (early Classic) rather than "baroque" -- the "albertino" in the left hand is rather peculiar of such a style, while the melody is somewhere between Haydn and Mozart. Something more "baroque" kicks in from measure 45.

In my humble opinion, you should revise what you wrote from measure n. 69 onward.

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Aldo, you obviously know your stuff. I don't mind at all that you corrected the notation, it has been a while since I have really bogged down and remembered how to write and read.

Could you tell me how you put the first note into its own measure without having to delete any others?

I have added more since that copy you have was written. I actually just finished the rest of it just a bit ago. Would you perhaps let me know how the rest turned out?

Thank you for your time.


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I like it! Anyway, I'm still persuaded that it is mostly "classic" style rather than "baroque" style, but this doesn't make any harm, it remains good. Probably, some guy who's more educated than I am as regards composition would spit some this-and-that-is-wrong here and there, but --who cares? It sounds good, and that's enough.

As for how I could add he pick up measure and shift all the notes, well, no tricks -- just copy and paste! 1. cut the whole chunk 2. add a measure 3. make the new measure a pick up one (measure properties...) 4. paste what has been cut, paying attention to put the first note in the new measure. Done.

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Could you tell me how you put the first note into its own measure without having to delete any others?


Have a look/listen to this attachment, and then revisit Aldo's edited version of your score. I agree with his use of the anacrusis.


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I liked it overall. Melodic and interesting. As others have mentioned, it sounds more classical than baroque to my ear, but I am hardly an expert on the finer differences between the two. It sounds Mozartish or Haydnish to me.

Delightful theme, interesting developments to it. I wish you all the best with your composition.

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