Reflections #1

• Apr 24, 2011 - 17:52

I made a new piece with MuseScore called "Reflections #1".
I made it in a moment of inspiration :-).

Please leave a comment, its very important for me. I'll glad if you'll do it.


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You should work on the nature of the work. It's a bit like chaos. From what I see, you do not know too the harmony.
I conclude from your work that you are trying to use the style of Chopin.
* Work on this yet.

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You've right. In fact i don't know the armony, i don't have study it too.
I try to compose with ear so for pastime. However i'll try to work also to it.
If 'll be successfull i'll upload the result :).
Meanwhile thank you so much for your observations :-).

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