1.0 with design files exposed

• May 4, 2011 - 01:42

A while ago you guys were kind enough to give me a copy of MuseScore with the svg files for notes in the toolbars and the css for the toolbars exposed. Would you guys be able to do that again with MuseScore 1.0? I'd like to make a new theme.



The 1.x releases will only be bug fix releases. So if you wish to contribute something on design, it will have to be done on the trunk which is eventually becoming 2.0. I believe everything is in place in the trunk to hack into the theming. If not, let us know what element is not hackable.

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thanks, I wasn't planning on releasing theming to ship with MuseScore itself. I was thinking of it as more of plugin... unless it works out alright, in which case I would definitely send it over to people for review.

Will let you know if I run into any problems (will just need a few seconds to get used to it and remember where everything is)

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it may have been that the prerelease/nightly we build had the possibility to override the theme files indeed. But since that has implications for the startup time and overall performance of MuseScore, we don't do this for stable releases. So indeed, all locked.

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