Nonsensical accidental in dual voice score

• May 11, 2011 - 20:09

the attached example shows a nonsensical
accidental in measure two, beat one.

musescore version 1.0, release 3996
OpenSUSE 11.4
Qt Version 4.7.1

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I find the whole situation a little confusing. Why would you enter the notes in the second voice as a C and Db and then move them down to A natural? Why not enter them as A's? And then, why would you do a C and a Db, why not just two C's? That aside, I can't recreate the flat using the method you did or by just straight up entering the notes exactly where I want them without moving them up or down. Granted you are also using a different OS than I am. Can you try duplicating this in another score and posting the results?

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I agree that my examples are confusing from a musical point of view. Their sole purpose is to illustrate a (IMHO nonsensical) behaviour of musescore, which showed up when I opened a longer piece in MusicXML format.

Attached, please find another example. Measure one: A natural, A flat (1st voice) and C and D flat (2nd voice). Measure two: same as measure one, but 2nd voice moved four half steps down. I would expect to see A natural, A flat (1st voice) and A flat, A natural (2nd voice), but that's not what musescore prints (and plays). Measure three and four, same as measure one and two, but the whole thing moved two half tones upward. Again the same problem appears in measure four.


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I find these kind of errors most when opening MusicXML or MIDI files created by other programs, as opposed to creating music from scratch in MuseScore. MusicXML is a standard, but it isn't completely "standardized" in every program. I open old Finale files I created some time ago, save them as MusicXML files, and then open them in MuseScore, and there is always editing that needs to be done or errors that creep in. I don't want to go on an anti-Finale rant, but that program drove (and to some extent still does drive) me insane. Finale's programmers don't seem to have any regard for rules, conventions, or user-friendliness in areas, which is what sent me searching for alternatives in the first place, and how I wound up with MuseScore. MIDI is another area where MuseScore users have problems, and again I think it's because there are so many MIDI creating/editing programs out there that don't always follow standards.

In short, I see more users on the forums with problems opening MusicXML and MIDI files, and I don't think it's completely MuseScore's fault.

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Just for clarification: this bug is not due to the MusicXML import (I only found it that way) - it shows up when entering notes via the keyboard as described in my earlier message.


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