Amazing Grace -arr. Johnathan Johnson. Brass Quintet

• May 21, 2011 - 09:59

A piece I arranged for my band director that we played this year. Enjoy please reply with feedback. This is my first post on the musescore website. More to come.

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an interesting variation on one of the most well-recognized songs in american history. I didn't like so much the trombone solo for the intro, although I'm sure when played by a real musician it sounds much better than the MIDI version provided by the software. the chorale that you go to after is pretty cool, although it has its ups and downs. measure 26 has some fantastic voicing, but I can't say I like measures 18 and 19 so much. overall though the section is cool. the last part was interesting with the triplet feel. it took some getting used to once it started, but I liked it. then again, some people might not like you messing with the rhythms so much. my final opinion is that I think you could have expanded on it a bit more. it's very short considering the amount of variations you have on the melody and the song in general. overall though, good job!

Thanks this was really my first arrangement that I have done with musescore that I felt somewhat comfortable with. I want to expand it and I was going to work on it a little more before I actually let my band director play it. However thanks for the input I'll repost it when I have made the appropriate changes. Oh and we have a particularly good trombone player so thats why it had the T-bone solo, I heard him playing the phrase one day and decided to do this. are a great composer. Are you a Christian? Are you born again? This song is a testimony of a man who DID see God's Amazing Grace in his life. God bless you.

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