Fuge in a-moll / minor BWV 543 J.S.Bach

• May 23, 2011 - 12:00

7 days of working. Writed from "Edition Peters No. 241 J.S.Bach Orgelwerke Band II" printed in 1849.
Nice listening.

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Thank you for providing this; it is a welcome addition to my library. You did an excellent job.

I made a few minor changes. I apologize in advance for being so particular, but I was a music engraver (and computer programmer) for several decades and I suppose I feel the need to urinate in things before I like the flavor!

I altered the beginning position of ties in many places. (I may not have caught them all.) This is not of your doing, but the tie should not obscure the augmentation dot. Depending on the pitch, the tie should start just after the dot, NOT the notehead. Adjusting all of these is a royal pain, but many other music printing programs have this same idiosyncrasy.

Moved several staccato marks directly above or below noteheads. Staccato dots must not appear to be augmentation dots.

In bar 43, changed beaming and added a line to show continuation of the voice. Unfortunately, MuseScore does not appear to do what you (or Herr Bach) intended with the beams. (If there is a way to do this, I would appreciate knowing about it.)

Altered beaming in bar 62 which required extending some stems, but the result, I believe, is what you were intending.

Changed the half rest in bar 51 -- the half rest is not used in 6/8 meter.

Swapped notehead positions in bars 13, 56, and 118. Noteheads must not obscure augmentation dots.

Adjusted spacing in bar 129 so that the augmentation dot is not obscured. (It would be very nice to be able to move the augmentation dot in MuseScore so that both dots could be in the same horizontal position, but I don’t believe that is possible as yet.)

In bars and 83 and 84, added some space after the last note in the lower voice so that it does not crowd the barline.

Added spacers to the very last system and a couple of other places to avoid crowding and collisions.

Again, thank you for this valuable MuseScore addition.

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