simultaneous octo and loco

• Apr 23, 2016 - 05:45

How do I get voice 1 to be an octave higher than written and voice 2 to be at pitch? see attached

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bars19and20op7.mscz 8.87 KB


That's unusual notation. Therefore MuseScore doen't support this.

Workaround 1: Use an additional, hidden voice for the replay and turn off the replay of the visible notes in inspector. (see example 1 in attachement)

Workaround 2: Put the notes an octave deeper, but display them on the original line by "fix to line" in inspector. Thus I could not add the sharp but by Special Characters dialog (shortcut Z). (see example 2 in attachement)

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bars19and20op7-b.mscz 13.09 KB

I tried two staves and it looked and sounds much better, that is a bit against the traditions of writing for guitar where lots is crammed onto one stave.

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