GSoC 2016: voice to part tool and extended Implode/Explode tool

• Apr 26, 2016 - 13:04

Hey everybody,

I'm very happy that I got the chance to work with MuseScore this Summer. My aim will be to add the possibility to extract single voices of a stave to a single part in the first half and extend the Implode and Explode tool, so they are able to deal with different rhythms in the selected staves/voices in the second half.

For the part creation tool the way of implementation is not complete. I proposed to create a new attribute which allows you to make a voice completely invisible, so you can only interact with this voice in specific parts. A problem could be if you're adding a new voice to a part or the score it'll appear in all voices unless it gets the attribute. I'll create a separate post where I want to discuss some possibilities of implementation, so we can get the best. The difficulty will be to don't change this much on the actual implementation of part creation.

The Implode/Explode tools are already working fine but often users want to merge staves which include different rhythms or different voices with the Implode tool (same for Explode), but this actually doesn't work. My idea is to automate already existing workaround for Implode and do the same for the Explode tool.

My fork on GitHub.
My GSoC 2016 blog for documentation.

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