Text style not applied to extracted parts

• May 30, 2011 - 15:37

First of all, thanks to all the developers for a great program. Wonderful to have such powerful capabilities, and for free!

I used Edit Text Style... to change the style of stave text to Times 12pt ital. I added some stave text to a part with stave property set to Small (violin part of a piano trio). The text appears at reduced size as wanted. (For info, I also added system text to the full-size piano part, and it appears just as expected, i.e. full size Times 12pt ital.)

Extracted the violin part.

Expected behaviour: both the extracted part and the staff text should appear at full size.
Actual behaviour: the part (notes, dynamics, tempo text) is at full size but the text is at reduced size. The style for staff text in the newly-created extracted document has carried over correctly from the main score and is Times 12pt ital. When I add new stave text, it appears in the correct style.

Setup: Musescore 1.0 rev 3996.
Win Vista Home Premium 64-bit, SP 1.

Additional query: I can't actually see where the behaviour of text in small staves is specified. The Sizes tab in the General Style edit box allows small stave, note and clef size to be specified -- does text size automatically follow one of these?

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